Let’s introduce Miss Rangel by explaining where she got a name like “Cui Cui.”

As a child her father nick named her “Cui Cui.” In researching her family history found out
that the name Cuicani means, “Singer” in the Nahuatl Language, The second most used language in Mexico today. She believes in the importance and value of the positive cultural and traditional aspects of ALL people. “The history of a people are the roots which creates the foundation for strength and balance.”

Her Artistry includes:

  • Vocalist, composer of song and poetry.
  •  Her love for the performing arts has led her to study Acting, Dance and Song.
  •  Her musical styles span from Mexican-Latino Traditional/American Standards to – Contemporary Universal Music.
  •  Her line of jewelry is called, “Love Energy Jewelry”

Work has included:

Film, Video, Studio, Musical Theater, Educational, Performance Art, Aztec Dance/Ceremonial, Radio-DJ, Modeling, MC, Karaoke/DJ, Jewelry Line: “Love Energy.” Cuicani believes that through her music she offers love and healing for humanity and Mother Earth. She identifies with the term “Light Worker” sharing the positive light towards love and balance for a better world.

Miss Cui Cui has had the opportunity to perform with over 35 music groups as a freelance
Artist. She has just released her second recording project. And has composed 11 out of 13 songs. The C.D. is called, BACK TO ME.

Currently performs with:

  • Cuicani’s Vibe ( her group),
  • As a Freelance artist she has and continues to perform for many events.
  • Her entertainment Company is called Angel Warriors Entertainment.

Career Highlights and sharing the stage with:

Linda Ronstadt, Paul McCartney, Tito Puente, El Chicano, Teatro Campesino, Mark Taper Forum,Latino Theater Lab, Ruben Guevara, Billy Mitchell, Thee Midniters, and many others.

Vocal Coach at the following locations:

  • Plaza de la Raza Cultural Center for Arts & Education, Los Angeles, CA
  •  Music Performance Academy, (Many students from Japan) Alhambra, CA
  •  City of Whittier, CA
  •  City of Pico Rivera, CA
  •  Theatre of Hearts, Los Angeles, CA
  •  Music Notes (2008- 2010), Los Angeles, CA
  •  Arai Music Network, (2005- 2007) San Gabriel, CA
  •  Private Classes (1990 – present)


  • .Rio Hondo College
  •  DQ University (A.A. Degree)
  •  Sacramento City College (A.A. Degree)
  •  Sacramento State University (B.A. Degree in Ethnic Studies/Art Minor
  •  Private Classes with on going studies.

“I believe in giving the Children an opportunity to discover positive choices to keep them safe and sound. And If I can stimulate a moment of free and joyful expression with the audience than I have been instrumental in the inspiring and healing of their heart & soul.”


Being of Service

This is a list of some of the organizations I have been instrumental in sharing through out the years in making a difference in the quality of life through my work as a singer/songwriter, vocal coach, mentor, light worker, peace maker, and advocate for the Indigenous people and our sacred mother planet (recycle for life). I continue to learn and walk in balance with compassion & respect for all people.

1. Plaza de la Raza: They are an organization that provides year round after school programs in arts education and serves as an arts center and school of performing and visual arts. These programs foster the enrichment of all cultures and is available to local at risk children and youth living in East Los Angeles, one of the most culturally enriched but poverty stricken areas of the region. Service: Vocal Coach/Mentor …11 years…Los Angeles County

2. Music Performance Academy: An Academy dedicated to providing quality music and voice classes to the students of Japan. With a special focus on Stage Performance and correct pronunciation of the English Language and it’s relation to the lyrics of a song. Service: Vocal Coach/Mentor…6 years…Alhambra, CA

3. Community Centers: A program that offers the basics of vocal technique to all ages with emphasis on positive self esteem. Service: Vocal Coach/Mentor…5 years…Los Angeles County

4. Theatre of Hearts/Youth First: The mission of TOH is to prevent and intervene in youth violence by involving youth and their families in on going high quality standards-based multidisciplinary arts education workshops for youth offered at schools and community based sites under served neighborhoods. Service: Vocal Coach/Educator/Mentor…4 years…Los Angeles County. Founder: Sheila Scott-Wilkinson.

5. Free to be Me: (Founder: Carolyn Kaufman) A kids camp offering a day of empowerment with activities for strengthening self confidence and expanding awareness and freedom in respect to emotional and creative expression. Service: Mentor/light worker…10 years…Los Angeles County

6. Green Wave International/Zero Waste Recycle: (Founder: Kat Roman) Educating the community on the concept of recycling for the preservation and beautification of our Sacred Life/Universe… (making trash into treasure). Service: Artist/Mentor…10 years…Los Angeles County

7. Danza Oceolotl: (Founder: Felipe Rangel) This is an Aztec dance group based in San Diego dedicated to educational and ceremonial presentations. The focus is to inform the general public to the fact that the Aztec dance culture is alive and well in this day and age. These presentations offer the opportunity to be educated, inspired and awakened to the power, beauty, and significance the Aztec/Mexica Dance Culture brings. This is also an honoring of the Indigenous People of yesterday and today. Service: Dancer/Singer/Narrator…40 years…throughout Southern CA.

8. Singer/Songwriter: I offer some of my songs as resources of empowerment, healing inspiration, and spiritual expression. My wish is to share songs that release positive affirmations and awareness towards self love, dignity and respect… This I gift to you.