Love Energy Jewelry

I started handcrafting bracelets and earrings to raise money for my recording project. I wanted the pieces to have the energy of my music and the love of my heart interwoven as I created each piece. I would put on the music I was recording or something soothing for the soul. I would think, pray or sing about love, healing and peace for the world. The jewelry is made from the following materials: stretch chord/Crystal/Glass/Stones/Rhinestones/metal, silver, gold and copper/handmade items such as flowers and faces. This would be considered a costume style in quality. The price range is between $ 8.00 – $15.00 a piece. No precious stones, gold caret or sterling silver unless it is a special order. My jewelry has become well received and I would like to make them available to you.

The variety of my themes are as follows:

1. Love/Angels/Valentine’s Day

2. Spring Fling

3. Summer Sizzle

4. Autumn/ (Day of our Ancestors)

5. Christmas/Virgen de Guadalupe/Holiday

6. New Years Eve

7. Dodgers (blue and white)

8. Lakers (purple and gold/yellow)

Here are some examples of my work: